beo and Hands On Education Consultants were acquired by Kaplan International in 2012 and have largely been run as ‘stand-alone’ businesses. As part of a larger restructure we are looking to better integrate the companies and expand our agency business into more territories globally.
In order to facilitate this restructuring, we have renamed our beo Hong Kong company, ‘Education Tower’ which will hold the group's contracts and IP. We believe this new structure will streamline our operations and will be beneficial for both institutions and ourselves.
We opened operations under the brand Hands On - BEO in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2022 and continue to look at opportunities for expansion.

2024 Vision

Our future plan is to open offices in strategic markets and good geographical spread to add breadth and depth to our existing operations

We plan that these, and subsequent new offices will be established in emerging markets with a geographical spread across the Americas, Africa and the Middle East as well as expanding our presence in Asia.

Our Partners

We have over


Institution partner's contracts

Meet The Team

Michelle Tinloi

Managing Director - Education Tower

Managing Director, Education Tower – Manages our network of offices in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam and responsible for the strategic direction of Education Tower

Dickson Ma

Finance Director - Education Tower

Will continue to be responsible for signing agreements with institutions and managing the financial teams in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Working Together

To better support our partners...
We are investing heavily in several online tools to enhance our recruitment infrastructure, such as a new mobile optimised CRM system, plus analytics and dashboards for partner institutions. Given our planned expansion we would welcome a conversation about how we can work more closely together to support your recruitment needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more and start working with us.